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Nuama & Co Ltd is a fast growing accountancy firm with a unique character of providing services that always exceed clients' expectations. Under the directorship of Yaw Nuama, a qualified accountant with BSc degree in Applied Accounting, Master degree in Public Administration and Master degree in Business Administration (Finance) as well as years of work experience, services are provided to the highest imaginable standard.

We recognise that running a business and keeping close eyes on inflows and outflows can be very daunting. All too often, we have clients who express doubt about the true state of their financial affairs. They often argue about the bottom line figures with comments like "I don't think I have made that profit". "If that profit exists where is the money?" "If I am making that loss there is no way I would have continued". Or simply "things are not that bad".

It is a common knowledge that many directors or proprietors leave everything for bookkeepers or accountants to do without understanding the full contents and implications of the figure produced for them. At Nuama & Co we don't just produce accounts, we sit down with our clients to brief them on areas of concern, the pitfalls that should be avoided and opportunities they can capitalise on to improve their business. We don't try to make you an accountant overnight but we try to make you aware of areas you may be over or under spending and how savings could be made without hurting business growth.

We believe that fairness serves the interest of all. Therefore we use all legitimate means to ensure that your tax bill reflects a true view of your personal or business activities. As a result, you will have no cause of concern with any investigations, now or in the future by any regulatory or enforcement authorities.

For supreme quality and speedy services moderately priced to suit your budget, please contact us.